5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Session 15: The haunted house

Session 15:

The characters:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 4 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric 4 (Dave)
Starshell aka “the Ice Queen”, elf wizard 4 (Dale)
Sir Randolph Witherspoon, human fighter 4 (Mike)

Returning after the Christmas holidays everyone was keen to continue the game. Alas only Nigel and Dave had updated their characters to the latest playtest but they got there eventually.

The ghostly manticore set Starshell/ the Ice Queen on fire and she ran round in circles screaming and asking the rather bemused party to put the fire out- not that they could see anything. Lord Falconspit refused to heal “imaginary” damage so Starshell cast an illusion of burns all over her body which the party failed to disbelieve. Lord F then cast a cure minor as “burns are only slight wounds”. This created much discussion and he came up with this gem of clerical healing:
• Sunburn: 1 hp (cure minor)
• Blood: cure light wounds
• Missing limbs: cure moderate (can’t cast any higher)

Seems to work and had the rest of us in stitches.

Back to the adventure:
Across the hall from here the imaginary firey attack took place as a monkey head on the wall with a rope hanging form its mouth- after much discussion of possible good and bad results Sir Randolph pulled it and an alarm sounded but nothing else. Crossing the hallway they descended down some stairs into the basement and here they were attacked by to swarms of plague-infested rats. Hairy managed to climb onto some shelves that promptly collapsed under his weight. Starshell froze a pack of rats ith a frozen ray and the other group was soon slain.

Carrying on past a few rooms they eventually came to a door with a strange snowflake sigil on it. Hairy managed to open the door and Lord Falsconspit stepped into a wizard’s laboratory and immediately touched some important looking books. Memories of the life of a wizard flooded his mind and he yelled “the children, the children” and rushed out of the room. The others chased him, grappled him and tied him up to prevent him doing anything silly. Eventually the madness left him and he snapped out of it so they untied him but as soon as they’ done so he bolted again, only to be quickly knocked off his feet by Sir Randolph. Starshell then tied him up again then cast a frozen ray on the door to ice it closed behind them- the party would now have to continue forward…

Continuing on the party discovered a mysterious staircase that had been uncovered in another room. As Sir Randolph entered the room a pack of ghouls emerged from the stairs and attacked him, raking him for some damage. The rest of the party could not see the ghoul attack but Starshell decided to join in and humour the fighter, bashing several ghouls with her staff- or saying she had done so. With the imaginary threat defeated the party prepared to go down the stairs…

DM Notes
I really like the way the hauntings are done in this adventure, makes for some great role-playing and focus on the individual characters as different hauntings only affect certain characters.
Some amazing role-playing and interactions between the guys tonight. This is the first time in years we’ve only had 4 regular players and it allows each player more of a chance to shine and get involved so I’m keen to keep to 4 rather than expand the group to a bigger size again. Less is definitely more when it comes to role-playing but can make for more dangerous encounters as the fighter goes down and they have little back up-5 is probably an ideal number in that regard but we may look at adding an NPC to add a bit more variety to the group.

Thoughts on the playtest
It played well, not too much combat so not sure how the martial dice will work out but I am concerned that the hp and damage inflation will be silly- I’d like to see it clocked way back but so far didn’t unbalance the game. So I am sceptical in that regard and don’t see it as likely to attract old school gamers if the damage potentials remain so high- all it will lead to his hp inflation.
Dale liked the new way of selecting wizard spells although I decided that int bonus should be added to the number of spells you can select from.



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