5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 14: TheEnd of the World?

The players:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 3 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric3 (Dave)
Starshell aka “the Ice Queen”, elf wizard 3 (Dale)
Lord Falconspit, human fighter 3 (Mike)

Having destroyed the ghouls at the sanatorium the party headed back to the barracks to deal with the other 3 corpses before they became ghouls.

After reporting to Captain Garvel they headed down to the basement and the morgue. Starshell (latest name for the Icequeen)stopped to free prisoner, but managed to manacle him to the door to his cell. Then she set his foot alight with a burning hands spell which also set the straw in his room on fire. She then closed the cell door leaving the prisoner to his fate. The others were busy trying to deal with the ghoul menace and avoid the noise and alarms coming from upstairs.

The corpses had not become ghouls so the party arranged to take them by wagon the the Church of Pelor for proper burial in consecrated ground (which would hopefully stop them becoming ghouls. Starshell was fascinated by the frost effect cast on the morgue and experimented with trying to “free the cold” but had little success. After this diversion the party was ready to transport the bodies to the morgue.

The head of the church was willing to do this but demanded a 50 gp per person burial fee which Sir Falconspit baulked at until his superior questioned whether or not the deceased were followers fo Pelor. Hairy stepped in at this point and paid the fee. Before the bodies were buried the party asked the priest to cast a speak with dead spell on one of the corpses which he did. In the following questions the party learned a little of the creature responsible and the name Foxglove Manor.

Some searching for rumours/info about the manor followed and the party learned a little of it. The next morning they prepared to head out to the manor, Starshell arriving with a litter and 4 litter bearers, whom turned out to be novices Tom, Dick, Harry and Bert. After several failed attempts to carry the litter she gave up and hired a rickshaw which the 4 hirelings pulled for her.

Arriving at the decrepit manor the party camped in a nearby ruin. Several of the party threatened to throw the four union card carrying hirelings off the nearest cliff as the NPCs became more annoying and more vocal in the failure to keep to their pay and work conditions- lack of morning tea and lunch break being their prime concern.

Eventually the adventure was out back on track and the party investigated the well in the ruin. Hairy was lowered down to a cave which stank of rotting meat and fled back up the rope as a huge bat flew out of the darkness.

The party then entered the old ruined manor and started to explore. Randolph heard sobbing noises upstairs that the party went ot investigate but could not locate. Heading down somes stairs, Falconspit thought he heard footsteps behind him but when he turned around there was nothing there.

Finally as they crossed the main hall for a second time a ghostly manticore emerged form out of a stuffed manticore and charged Starshell…

DM Notes
A rather random night where not a single dice was rolled in anger, at lest for combat. Some very funny moments of role-playing though such as the priest of Pelor questioning Falonspits commitment and motives as well as the litter bearers tipping their employer/ cargo onto the street and later demanding better work conditions.




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