5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 16: A Drowning

Session 16: Death by Drowning
The characters:
Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 4 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric 4 (Dave)
Starshell aka “the Ice Queen”, elf wizard 4 (Dale)
Sir Randolph Witherspoon, human fighter 4 (Mike)

Question: Why is it that players have an innate sense of how to miss most encounters and get right to the BBEG? They seem to have an innate make way to important encounter sense.

Anyway back to the story. Starshll had used spell to freeze to exit shut to prevent Falconspit from running. Some gentle prodding from the DM and other players convinced Falconspit to cast protection form evil on himself to ward off the evil in the house and thus end the haunting on him..

Th party continued down into the cellars beneath the manson, killing a pak of ghouls and finding a magical military pick. Things came unstuck after they found a tunnel winding down to a lake some 50ft below the cavern they were in. the path being slippery with moss and mould Hairy abseiled down and carefully made his way up the path to a door half way along. Starshell made her way down the path to the lak but slipped and slid most of the way down. Eventually opening it to discover the Skinsaw man! Hairy ran and climbed the walls as the ghoul chased him. Meanwhile Falconspit was occupied turning another pack of ghouls at the top cavern.

Unable to catch Hairy th ghoul turned its attention on Starrshell, the very prson it was besotted with. She promptly jumped into the lake to escape the ghoul! Hairy clinging precariously to the cliff face fired several sling bullets at the ghoul while Sir Randolph charged down the path the save Starshell. Alas he toos tumbled and rolled most of the way down, barely catching himself as he tumbled into the pool. The ghoul then paralysed him and he sank beneath the waves (wearing plate mail armour). Another hit from Hairy and the Ghoul toppled into to lake too and disappeared. Starshell used mage hand to ti a rope round the rapidly disappearing Randolph but the mage hand too was dragged under.

As she clambered out of the water Starshell as once again attackd by the ghoul but a final well placd arrow ffrom Hairy and th creature as dead.

Alas the still paralyzd Randolph failed to surface and indeed drowned before he could escape his armour.

Moral of the story? Don’t go swimming (intentionlly or not) in plate mail armour!

Most amusing moment?
I decided to make a new character reference sheet to record info on the pcs. As each player arrived I asked them hps, AC, etc etc. When I asked background each gave me a rambling role-playing background (for once) rather than the background as per the rules- very amusing. I think we are turning into role-players!

Playtest thoughts?
Simple- tone down the thief- thieves should not outperform fighters on damage each round. The skill dice bonus dice mechanic is annoying too- go back to more traditional add your bonuss to th roll systems. Just because you have a cool new idea doesn’t mean to should be applied to everything across the board- less is often more in that regard.



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