5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 6

The game continued, Dale couldn’t make it but everyone else could (eventually). When we last left the adventurers they had taken refuge from a storm in an abandoned brick house, under which they found a tunnel leading to a wizard’s tower, some miles from the house. Here they killed a demonic ape. Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 1 (Nigel) Midget the dwarf: dwarf cleric 1 (Stephen) Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric1 (Dave) “Stacy”, elf wizard 1(Matt) Randolph Witherspoon XVII- human fighter 1 (Mike)

Searching the library where the ape had appeared they found many tomes of wizardly subjects and a magical candelabra whose command words where Phuk OFF. This item intrigued the wizard, Stacey, who immediately claimed it. A letter written from the previous owner of the tower to his children was also discovered.

Having searched the room they headed up to the next level and again detected a magical trap on the door, some sort of glyph. The arty tried its best to avoid this but eventually Hairy accidently triggered it and a demonic gargoyle like creature which they killed after a brief battle. This was due in no small measure to Matt using a Ray of frost to immobilise the creature making it much easier for the party to deal with. Again the room was searched, this time a magical fireplace as the centrepiece of the room, and again the stairs led to another trapped door.

The party prepared for battle and triggered the trap on the door. This time some sort out outer planar creature was summoned- a large froglike, spell casting slaad. This battle was much tougher, the slaad used telekinesis to annoy the party but its hold person ability did not work quite the way it (or should I say I) was expecting as HP now has a save per round . Once again Stacey used ray of frost to cut down on the monsters ability to move about but even so it as a close run battle. Alas, Midget the dwarf, managed to get himself cut to pieces by the salad and was slain but the rest of the party survive the epic fight intact.

The top level of the tower had a roof made of magically reinforced glass and gave spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The highlight of the treasure found was a magical ring that Stacey found and claimed. It was a ring of wizardry which also allowed the wearer to teleport back to the tower, although it also has a less wholesome side effect, which will be revealed later.

DM Notes:
The monsters have been simply uplifted and adapted from the existing (3E) adventure and converting them has been a breeze. Another good night, the battles were pretty close and the use of ray of frost critical- I’m actually not a fan of it as 0 level spell and think it should have some sort of size restriction, Using a 0 level spell to halt a dragon in its tracks (for example) seems a little silly. Matt is starting to see the possibilities of how to use it to good effect in encounters vs single monsters so I’m keen to see what else he comes up with.



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