5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 8

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 2 (Nigel)
Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric 2 (Dave)
“Stacy", elf wizard 2 (Matt)

The smallest group we’ve had in quite a while tonight. Dale is moving house today and Mike has the flu so only four of us gathered. The new playtest for 5E was released this week so we were keen to try out the latest rules, which included new character generation rules. Overall I like what I see, my main reservations being character hit points vs the damage that first level spells can do (3d8 and 4d8!). To me it looks like they decided to wind back hps at the last minute and not also reduce damage of spells to reflect this- the damage of most spells seems way too high for vs level 1 and 2 characters. The players modified the characters to reflect the new rules and could make whatever changes they wanted, most stayed pretty similar though.

Our solutions are simple: We are going to bump up HD for thieves to D8 and wizards to D6.
We’ll see how that goes but another idea is to use con score + hit dice or simply a 10hp kicker (similar to what Hackmaster does). But e will see how things go over the next few weeks.

Anyway on with the adventure.

Three of the party decided to head out and search for the caves the dwarves had mentioned. The first day passed without event, but early on the second day they stumbled across a vine covered ancient ruin, which turned out to be an ancient crypt. As Hairy snuck up to investigate he as almost strangled by a vine but cut himself free and then dodged back to safety. Falconspit then used his searing light class ability to blast the plant, managing to almost kill Hairy and Stacey in the process. He redeemed himself by stabilising both before they died and also destroyed the plant so it wasn’t a total screw up.

After that they explored the ancient crypt, finding a tunnel leading down. A magically closed door thwarted them for some time but eventually after careful searching of the entire complex they found the secret passwords and managed to open to the door. Beyond was a magical garden with a fountain. Thre ater and fruit in the garden was magical and healed the good/neutral members of the arty, but harmed the evil Hairy.

DM Notes
Not a lot of combat (and the one fight they had was almost a TPK- but that’s what you get for having no fighter types) but lots of exploration and discussion of the new rules which Nigel and I both love. I really like the direction they are going so far, sure there are some issue with the playtest- XPs for monsters in this version, xp totals per level and hit points for instance, but as a fast, fun and easy to run game it is succeeding and allowing us to role play without the rules getting in the way. Some of the new concepts for backgrounds and specialties look really interesting and have lots of possibilities for making interesting and quirky characters without too much effort.



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