5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Weeks 11 and 12

A couple of fun sessions in the past couple f weeks using the latest playtest package.

Adventure : Spellbook Masquerade (Dungeon #24?)
I adapted a solo adventure to one for the party. Basically the party got invited to a local ball and so the bulk of the night was based on meeting the local nobility and role-playing. Hairy however had to steal a spellbook from the house as well. Lord Falconspits and Randolph ended up becoming benefactors of the local orphanage.

Last Night:The Skinsaw Murders
For a change of pace I’ve been wanting to run the Skinsaw Murders (Piazo Pathfinder) as a change of pace. So arranged for the adventure to start with The Ice Queen playing a central role and had a couple of player handouts prepared with that in mind. However, Dale had managed to delete all the info on his phone so had lost his character what is wrong with pen and paper? So made up a new character- human fighter called Connor MacCloud. “Connor” being a member of the local city watch he got to become involved in the adventure at the behest of the local guard captain h had approached the party about a note fund on a mutilated body- of course this being a character of dale’s Connor is neither a fighter or male, but actually a fema izard pretending to be a male fighter! Why who knows but with Dale there an be hundreds of possible reasons. However being Connor MacCloud we insisted that Dale role –play Connor as having a French accent that was supposed to be Scottish- yes it made for a rather entertaining sessions. Especially as Dale kept forgetting “she” was a “he” when referring to him/herself.

Anyway the party eventually headed off to investigate the murders but on the way were ambushed by some local rogues and a battle erupted. The fight included:
· 3x 1st level veterans (fighters)
· 2x rogues
· 1x wererat
· 15x giant rats.
It made for a tough fight, especially as the fighter, lord Randolph, kept missing early on. However, Connor’s spells came in handy as did Hairy’s expertise dice- hairy scaled the walls to the roof, killed a thief sniper and then spent the rest of the battle providing supporting fire. Randolph was a bit dismayed that when he hit the wererat his non magical sword did no damage and so quickly change ot his magical mace.

Next week we will move onto the adventure proper.

Thoughts on the playtest materials.
Damage is much better balanced this time round.

I really like the expertise dice concept for both the thief and the fighter- makes for interesting choices in combat without the silly “I play X” card that our 4E games devolved into.

Monsters are a breeze to run, minimal stats required the the wererat was a simple conversion from 2E.

Somethings I could live without but the rules are not getting in the way of having fun and that’s the most important thing.


Twas Starshell the Ice Queen that began a proper investigation of the Hotel room by disintegrating evering in sight.

Weeks 11 and 12

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