5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Weeks 9 & 10

Week 9
Not much accomplished really, we had has a break for 3 weeks or so, so it was a catch up session more than anything. Eventually we got back to the game and the party attacked the or lair again, taking out a few guards near the entrance.

Week 10
Last night we continued with the skirmish at the entrance to the orc lair before Hairy, Lord Falconspit and Sir Randolph fell back to their camp for reinforcements (i.e Dale and Matt were back). Heading back to the orc caves Hairy apotted orc archer on the hillside above the caves and the party started a firefight. Randolph tried to get their attention while advancing on the main lair. It took a few rounds but the orcs were eventually silenced. Now the party turned their attention to the caves themselves, clearing away into the lair, thanks to a grease spell from Matt’s elven wizard- alas he, and some of the others then fell prey to that very spell and it made getting into the lair harder but in the end the party fought their way past the greased area, just as two ogres charged and an orc shaman made an appearance…

The battle took quite a bit if of time but about a dozen orcs were slain. The grease spell halted their attempts to coordinate an attack- just when Randolph was badly wounded so will be interesting to see what happens in a couple of weeks when we rescue.

Playtest 2- main issues.
1. Mike (the fighter) felt that the human fighter’s damage was too low compared to the other pcs so decided to allow him to choose a favoured weapon as per elf and dwarf- but I still feel damage potentials are way out of whack.
2. “Monster” NPCs are always an important part of D&D an evil cleric or wizard leading a group of orcs but with the damage they can put out it is almost asking for a TPK. However, I introduced an orc shaman (cleric 3) to test things this week and he did okay without being to over the top an evil wizard on the other hand could take a bit of stopping. As the rules stand at present I a a bt reluctant to run too many NPCs against the party.
3. Hps are to low so we’ve introduced a 5hp kicker to boost it a bit.
4. Monster Hps are too low for the damage the party can do, as are the to hit numbers for monsters. It is not at all balanced.
5. Rogue sneak attack- +1d6 per 2 levels would be much better as they can dish out too much. Nigel is really enjoying the rogue and in his very capable hands he is coming up with lot of creative ways to get the drop on monsters- a nasty little Halfling he is and extremely dangerous!
6. Fighter superiority- Mike started using it this week and it made a big difference in a number of situations it was fun and made the fighter a bit more interesting.

Overall, I think the hps and damage are out of line at present, I’d be happy to bolt the backgrounds and specialties onto Castles and Crusades, it would make for a great combination!



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