5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 2

The game continued on Friday night, our first Friday night game. Steve and Dave (our Dwarves) erre both absent, but Dale joined us. So the party looked something like this:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief (Nigel) “Stacy”, elf wizard (Matt) Randolph Witherspoon XVII- human fighter (Mike) “Mini "Guns Eclair, elf wizard (Dale)

The two dwarves retreated back to camp (i.e the players weren’t there so they exited stage left) and were replaced with twin elven wizards (Dale and Matt)- Stacey being named by me as Matt couldn’t think of a name and so “Stacey, that’s not my name” seemed appropriate.

The party continued exploring the dungeons beneath the keep. Soon they came to a narrow corridor where a hobgobin was sweeping the floor. Randolph charged and the hobgoblin fled, after also surviving twin magic missile strikes, slamming the door behind him.

Flinging open the door the party was met by a room bisected by a deep pit and no hobgoblin. Hairy tried to cross the room but fell into the pit after falling through and invisible section of path across the pit. Then a door on the far side of the room flew open and two hobgoblins started sniping across the room. There followed a strange combat where the party took readied actions as the snipers showed themselves. Eventually the party overcame the hobgoblins (after being reminded about the ray of frost spell) to hold one of the hogoblins in place, but the adventurers took some damage.

Continuing onwards the party searched some already looted rooms, recovering some treasure including a wand which had been hidden in a secret panel in a bookcase. Then they retraced their steps, discovering a hobgoblin transfixed by a magical mirror- the hobgoblin was killed and a cloth placed carefully over the mirror.

Having completed the search of the lower level the party headed up the stairs and it was here that things went horribly wrong. The top of the stairs was barricaded with a heavy table and hobgoblin archers opened fire. Hairy snuck up but he, like most of the hobgoblins, was knocked out by a sleep spell from the wizards. Stacey was soon knocked out by bow fire, as was Randolph but in the end Mini Guns use of magic missile and the wand- which paralysed/held hobgoblins- meant that the party just managed to overcome the hoblgoblins, grab the incapacitated characters and retreat.

Mini guns losing more clothing/armour each time she was hit by an attack- amusingly role-played by Dale as he removed bits of clothing from the character portrait.

Thoughts on Spells
At present my main concerns are about two spells: magic missile and ray of frost, both of which seem far too powerful for cantrips- MM especially given its auto hit and use as often as you like- it needs to either become a 1st level spell again or not have any additional missiles at higher levels, or some sort of limit on uses per day (may Int bonus + level for use of cantrips?)

Ray of Frosts ability to lock down opponents also seems a bit over the top for a cantrip- imagine using it to stop a dragon from attacking- it seems far too powerful for its 0 level status.

Week 1

The first 5E playtest tonight, running an adventure called inheritance from Dungeon #26. Basically one of the pcs inherits a small keep, but must clear it of monsters.

Party consisted of the 5E pre-gens.

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief (Nigel) Pansy Limpwrist, elf wizard (Matt) Randolph Witherspoon XVII- human fighter (Mike) Midget the dwarf: dwarf cleric (Stephen) Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric (Dave)

Setting: The campaign starts in the town of Longspear in the Little Hills, in the Yeomanry in the World of Greyhawk – can’t get much more old school than Greyhawk.

The party spotted a notice outside their tavern asking for heirs to the Witherspoon estate to meet with the local magistrate so they went and aranged a meeting, after Hairy persuaded the clerk to make room for Randolph in the magistrates’s busy schedule.

Meeting with the magistrate they learned that Randlph’s uncle has recently died and that he can inherited a small keep and holding, if the monsterrs inhabiting it are slain. Of course the party agrees to this rather large plot hook which struck them.

The next morning, after getting Pansy out of the nearest gay bar they head south towards Gregor’s keep some two-three days walk away.

Late afternon on the second day they see smoke rising from a farmhouse off the track and investigate. The soon come across a smouldering ruin, and see several bodies scattered about. There are plenty of tracks but the group are unable to identify them. A stange symbol has been carved onto the door of the farmers dwelling, which Lord Falcon identifes as being symbol of one of the elemental lords of evil (dum dum dum…).

Not much else is discovered so the party heads to Gregor’s keep and are admitted after stating their names and business (as per the module- ah B2). They are directed to the local inn, the Dancing Blade where they spend the night meeting with the locals and hearing rumours of a nearby series of caves called the Caves of Chaos (more dum…dum…dum)

Midget the dwarf managed to lose an arm wrestling competition with a local militaman and Pansy then propositioned the man and managed to get her (him?)self arrested by the guard after following the militiaman to his barrack and refusing to leave- she spent the night in the cells.

The next morning the guard marched Pansy back to the others and forced the party to take her- she was by this time out of control (DM lesson learned never, ever start a elf in a gay bar!)

Heading south the party followed a side track to the Witherspoon keep, some 15 miles south west of Gregor’s keep. Nearing the small, stone keep they spied smoke rising from tower and at this point remembered a secret exit was mentioned in the will. A careful search of several small copses near the tower led to the discovery of a small cemetery with a newish mausoleum dedicated to Lord Witherspoon’s wife and daughter. Behind the mausoleum was a statue of Pelor. Pansy peed on the statue and got a searing light in the back of the head, followed by a warhammer from Midget- and she soon found out how the death and dying rules work. Hairy then took the remains out of the cemetery, doused them in oil and set them alight- don’t mess with Pelor seem in to be the lesson learned (the elf had pushed her luck just a bit too far).

So at this point the kill tally read like this:
DM: 0
Matt: 0
Party: 1 PC

After more searching a secret passage was found beneath the statue and the party headed underground, with Hairy leading the way. Soon they came to a room where a large goblin (Hobgoblin) was feeding a carnivorous ape. Hairy snuck in and slew the hobgoblin with a well aimed sling stone to the bck of the head then Randolph and Midget charged across the room, which just happened to be bisected by a large pit. Both managed to roll really, really badly and fell into the 20ft deep pit.Lord Falcon of Pelor hit the ape with a spell and it charged him. Charging across the plank joining the two sides of the room the ape too rolled really badly and it too slipped and crashed down into the pit, stunning itself! Before it could recover Randolph picked himself up off the pit floor and smashed its skull in with his rather large axe.

DM Notes
A typically chaotic and fun session- lots of stuff going on. Everyone seemed to enjoy the feel of the rules and it felt like we were playing AD&D or 2nd Ed, albeit with more hit points and spells. The game definitely was fun, lots of silly role-playing to be had by all. I am keen to continue.

Nigel has decided to quit the group as he absolutely detests 4E and so has arranged to play 2E AD&D on Sunday’s instead. He originally had organised it for Monday nights but now Sunday is the only night that would work for the other players, so we are going to try to change our night so we can continue with him in the group- we are looking at changing to a Friday if that suits everyone.

Amusing Quotes
Mike seeing the map of Gregor’s keep
Hey that’s cool, can I have that one instead?

Mike (while at the cemetery): You can carry on without me.
Party: We already have.


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