Geography of the Yeomanry Region

Geography of the Yeomanry Region

The Tors
The Tors are a series of hills coming off of the Crystalmists mountains and forming the southern most region of The Yeomanry League. The Tors have flattened crowns and appear much like mesas.
The Tors border upon the Hool Marshes at the extreme eastern end of the range.At the eastern end of the Tors, where it borders upon the Hool Marshes, many dangers are to be encountered. There can be found goblins and bandits of every type, who are often found raiding into the Yeomanry. In addition, monsters from this area are constantly stealing live-stock and are considered a particular nuisance.
The independent city of Melkot can be found in the western portion of the Tors, near to the Hold of the Sea Princes.

The Dreadwood is a large forest ranging across the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Keoland, separating the kingdom from the Hool Marshes.
A royal grant cedes control of most of the Dreadwood to the elves, who inturn act as the crown’s representatives in protecting the forest. The wood also serves as home to Reynard Yargrove who is the Great Druidess of the Sheldomar Valley and a servant of Obad-Hai.
Keoish royal garrisons are placed around and within the forest. The garrisons and elves constantly battle evil creatures in an effort to clear the forest of them, but these efforts have been in vain. In addition, forces from the Hold of the Sea Princes and monsters from the Hool Marshes use the Dreadwood as a type of highway to raid the kingdom’s southern provinces. These groups are battled as well and this takes a considerable toll on the soldiers of the garrisons and the elves of the forest.
Features and settlements
The village of Grayhill, administrative seat of Keoland’s Barony of Grayhill, is located in the northern Dreadwood.

Javan River
The Javan river is indeed the longest river in the whole of the Flanaess and has its headwaters high up in the Barrier Peaks. The Javan passes through several regions. It passes through the Valley of the Mage, the Dim and Oytwood forests, skirts the Rushmoors (wetlands of the Gran March), and forms the eastern border of the March of Sterich. The Javan then passes between the Good Hills, the Jotens and the Little Hills, skirts the Dreadwood, passes through the The Yeomanry League, into the Hool Marshes, and finally empties into the Azure Sea.
The Realstream merges with the Javan just before it emerges from the Oytwood Forest, near where the Oytwood meets the Rushmoors.
The river is navigable from the Azure Sea as far north as Cryllor, in the Good Hills region of Keoland.
Features and settlements
Settlements along the Javan river include Hochoch, in the Grand Duchy of Geoff, the cities of Flen and Cryllor, in the Kingdom of Keoland, the city of Longspear in the Yeomanry and the city of Westkeep in the Hold of the Sea Princes.

The Jotens
The Joten range is a spur of the Crystalmist Mountains separating the land of the March of Sterich from The Yeomanry League. Their name derives from an old word for giants.
All but the highest of the Joten Mountains are below the timber line. Pine forests are most common, with maple, usk, and other northern broadleaf trees in the valleys.Inhabitants include cave bears, bugbears, primitive cave-dwelling and tribal humans, wild dogs, mountain dwarves, mountain lions, manticores, orcs, and trolls.
As the name of the mountain range implies, giants are prevalent in the Jotens, including ogres and the cloud, hill, mountain, and stone breeds. Pikemen from the Yeomanry patrol the southern slopes along with allied dwarves. In the north, fighting between the giants and the humans of Sterich continued as of 591 CY.
Features and settlements
Somewhere in the Jotens is a mountain dwarf stronghold led by Kordan Badaxe. The town of Datmil is also nearby.

Hool Marshes
The Hool Marshes is the name given to a large swamp separating the Kingdom of Keoland from the Hold of the Sea Princes. Keoland claims the marshes north of the Javan River, as well as a portion surrounding Westkeep, all of which make up large portions of Keoland’s Hool Marsh Protectorate and Viscounty of Salinmoor.
The Hool Marshes provide an outlet to the Azure Sea for both the Javan and Hool rivers. The marshes are located south of the Dreadwood and east of the Little Hills, the Tors and the The Yeomanry League. Diseases of all sorts are prevalent in these wetlands.
Flora and fauna
The Hool Marshes are home to many dangerous animals and monsters of all kinds.
Lizardfolk and bullywugs both inhabit the Hool Marshes. It is also rumoired that several cults make their homes here. The names of Orcus and Dagon are associated with these cultists, as well as, formerly, the Cult of the Black Flame. It’s also home to desperate humans who have fled the civil war in the domains of the Sea Princes.
Keoish forces constantly patrol the northern edges of the Hool Marshes in an effort to keep the kingdom free from incursions by the swamp’s unwelcome residents.
Features and settlements
Two keeps of note are located in the Hool Marshes; Baltron’s Beacon in the north and Bale Keep in the east.

Little Hills
The Little Hills are anything but, however, the Jotens seemingly qualify them as such. These towering hills are located in the eastern portion of the The Yeomanry League.
Features and settlements
The town of Longspear is nestled on the eastern edge of the Little Hills. It’s a very active trading center, given its proximity to the Kingdom of Keoland.
Dwarves and hillmen occupy the Little Hills. They are renowned for their ferocity in battle and, in times past, were often employed as mercenaries. Keoland used them as such for many centuries. Many of these also fought and died fighting against the giants in March of Sterich, slaying many of their foes.

Geography of the Yeomanry Region

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