5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 13- Sawskin murders

The players:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 3 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric32 (Dave)
Miniguns the IceQueen, elf wizard 3 (Dale)

Only a small group this week which wasn’t an issue as we started to investigate the recent murders in Longspear. We managed to get through quite a bit of the initial investigation.

Spoilers for Piazo’s The Skinsaw Murders adventure ahead:

1. The party travelled to the nearby sawmill to search for clues. The Ice Queen managed to scare off the two city guard sentries who legged it back to town.

2. They examined the bodies and crime scene gathering a bit more evidence it as a scene o out of a horror movie and the crucified victim had a strange rune cared into his chest. There was also a strange smell of rotten flsh evident in the sawill.

3. The Icequeen found some footprints that left to the nearby Javen river and back to the back door of the sawmill. There was no sign of a boat or other transport near the shore of the river.

4. They decided to ask a nearby shack owner if he had heard anything. This involved Lord Falconspit threatening to burn down his house and then casting hold person on the local drunk, tying him up then questioning him!

5. They returned to ton too report to the Guard captain who informed him that they had to suspects in the cells, the co-owner of the sawmill and the father of the murdered girl

6. Investigations went somewhat interestingly. The co-owner Inor Thorn, claimed tat his partner (the deceased) was having an affaor ith the girl and that h was also skimming money from the accounts and was working with a well know family to burn down opposition but refused to say who the family in question was. Hairy checked this out later and could not get to the bottom of it but did learn that Ibor liked to gamble and owned some important people money.

7. They then spoke to the distraught father of the murdered girl, who had been locked up for his own good after threatening to kill Ibor. Hairy managed yo imply that his daughter as a hooker and the well known businessman took a swing at him and flattened the Halfling before he as restrained. The party beat a hasty retreat.

8. Returning to see Captain Gavel, he mentioned that three more victims were in the morgue and that they had been found later in the day at an abandoned farm outside town and that a fourth man as in the local Sanitarium for having attacked the guards. The three men were well known bandits and had a letter signed “his Lordship” on one body. The party searched the bodies but found not much else no strange rune, but claw marks were evident on the bodies.

9. The party went to an expensive hotel to investigate Ibor further, gaining entrance to his room. Lord Falconspit decided to investigate by smashing up the furniture in the room despite the protestations of the hotelier and eventually his hired help was forced to manhandle Falconspit and dump him on the street Meanwhile, Hairy pocketed 10pp of Ibor’s that he found.

10. Following this interrupting the party headed to the sanatorium and were met by the servant, who looked, and spoke, like Rriff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture show! He soon introduced to the Sanatorium who spoke with a thick German accent and looked, and acted, like Henrich Himmler! (DM note: This adventure is getting weirder by the second!).

11. The party spoke to the crazed man and Sir Falconspit could not discern what was wrong with him but the crazed man broke free of his straight jacket and attacked the IceQueen yelling that “He would never have her at his Misgivings” as he did so. The Icequeen went invisible but the crazed (and now undead) man still attacked her. But Hairy and Falconspit soon slew him/it and then struggled to locate the paralyzed and invisible IceQueen.

12. The corpse was that of a ghoul and the poor fool had been suffering from a condition called Ghoul Fever. Lord Falconspit decided that he had to go and report this the Church of Pelor but Hairy, using a bit more intelligence, decided that that should wait and that they’d better get back to the Guard Barracks ASAP as the three bodies in the morgue were likely to turn into Ghouls too!

DM Notes
An interesting investigative session with some outstanding role-playing. Lord Falconspit is starting to scare me for a supposedly good cleric of Pelor he has a religious zeal that the inquisition would be proud of. I really like the look and feel of this adventure and am looking forward to seeing how it plays out over the next few weeks.



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