5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 7- Farewell to Stephen

Stephen has been a stalwart for the past four or five years, specialising in playing dwarves but alas changes in his job has meant he has work night shift from now on so Friday was his last session with the group.The group will not be the same without him but hopefuly we will see him now and then. Mike was not able to make it this week but everyone else showed up. Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 2 (Nigel) Urk, dwarf fighter 1 (Stephen) Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric 2 (Dave) “Stacy”, elf wizard 2 (Matt) “Mini” Guns Eclair, elf wizard 1 (Dale)

The party had cleared out the keep and so rested overnight. During the night Hairy found a “will” from the previous owner that named him as his heir and benefactor of his will- what an amazing coincidence.

The following day the party headed to Longspear. They had two encounters on the journey, first they met a dwarf sitting on a rock rubbing his feet- and so Urk was introduced to the party. A few hours later they encountered a band of dwarven warriors heading out into the hills to hunt orcs. These dwarves all spoke in thick Russian accents as the DM had decided all dwarves would from now on have Russian accents- beats the standard Scottish ones that seem currently in vogue. After a bit of a chat the party wished the dwarves well and continued to town.

The rest of the evening revollved orund training- the party all “went ding” but had to wait till they located some trainers before being able to advance in level. Other random, or not so random, events to occur during the evening.

1. Hairy and Stacey going to the town hall to claim Randolph’s keep. However, Hairy also found a document that proported to have been written by Randolph that the ownership of the keep was to be transferred to him. He used Stacey and Mini hanging round the counter looking provocative to try to day the clerk but he as not totaly convinced (but was rather embarassed) and so summoned his supervisor who looked over the document and then said it would need to be taken to the local temple to be verified (the document was signed Winterspawnrather than Witherspoon).

2. Hairy then handed in the will that gave him the tower, and this was accepted as genine but not until after Stacey had tried to undermine his little scheme (pointing out that both documents were written in the same hand) and this ed to some faast taking form Hairy, not to mention him dropping Stacey into troube and she was asked to show proof of ownership of the ring (later identified as a ring of wizardry) but she was unable to remove it from her finger.

3. Hairy made contact with the local thieves guild and became a member. He also managed to get the thieves to steal the document he had forged and replace it with another!

4. The various party members went to locate trainers but realised most of them did not have enough money to pay for training. At this point they were reminded that the whole reason they went to Longspear was to buy a cart so that they could transport the arms and equipment from the hobgoblins in Witherspoon Keep to town so it could be sold. They duly did so, taking week to return to town and then sold the items for a tidy profit (380gp)

5. Mini sold the wand of paralysation to a local wizard for 5000gp which she used to pay for training. The others were somewhat surprised by this but the deal had already been done (DM Note: don’t cry to me if you guys needed that at some point or moan you don’t have enough magic items).

6. Randolph got the deed of title to his keep.

7. Hairy got the deed of title to the tower, and a bill for 2000gp for land taxes non payments. He then sold the tower for 12000gp (about half of its worth) and cleared his debts and bought some new magical (+1) thieves tools.

8. Ulk got into a bar room brawl which drew the others in. Mini caused confusion by charming two of the thugs and forcing them to hep Ulk. The party did pretty well, until Stacey cast a burning hands spell casuign a fire- she them teleported back to the tower (special ability of the ring of wizardry) and the party fled the tavern. Mini was most surprised when her two charmed suitors came back for the night that had been promised and she to fled into the night.

9.The next day the party left town heading back to Witherspoon keep, encountering the surviving dwarves they’d met on the road two weekes earlier. There were now only three of them, the others having been killed by orcs. The dwarves agreed to accompany the party to the keep and become hirelings- on the way the dwarves started trying to convinced the party to declare the keep as a part of the United Shorties Socialist Republic (USSR) and that they should help them to overthrow the status quo and create a utopian (dwarven) workers paradise. The dwarves apparently referred to themselves as Comrades Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and wanted to paint the keep red. The party meanwhile are preparing to go orc hunting in the very near future.

DM Notes
A totally random night really. Party members double crossing each other- Hairy has been trying for three weeks to get ownership of Randolph’s keep but his plans did not run that smoothly. I had planned to get the party try to buy the tower, but they had other plans. no chance of a railroad with these guys, its a bit like trying to herd cats keeping them on any sort of track.




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