5E Adventures in Greyhawk

Week 16: A Drowning

Session 16: Death by Drowning
The characters:
Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 4 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric 4 (Dave)
Starshell aka “the Ice Queen”, elf wizard 4 (Dale)
Sir Randolph Witherspoon, human fighter 4 (Mike)

Question: Why is it that players have an innate sense of how to miss most encounters and get right to the BBEG? They seem to have an innate make way to important encounter sense.

Anyway back to the story. Starshll had used spell to freeze to exit shut to prevent Falconspit from running. Some gentle prodding from the DM and other players convinced Falconspit to cast protection form evil on himself to ward off the evil in the house and thus end the haunting on him..

Th party continued down into the cellars beneath the manson, killing a pak of ghouls and finding a magical military pick. Things came unstuck after they found a tunnel winding down to a lake some 50ft below the cavern they were in. the path being slippery with moss and mould Hairy abseiled down and carefully made his way up the path to a door half way along. Starshell made her way down the path to the lak but slipped and slid most of the way down. Eventually opening it to discover the Skinsaw man! Hairy ran and climbed the walls as the ghoul chased him. Meanwhile Falconspit was occupied turning another pack of ghouls at the top cavern.

Unable to catch Hairy th ghoul turned its attention on Starrshell, the very prson it was besotted with. She promptly jumped into the lake to escape the ghoul! Hairy clinging precariously to the cliff face fired several sling bullets at the ghoul while Sir Randolph charged down the path the save Starshell. Alas he toos tumbled and rolled most of the way down, barely catching himself as he tumbled into the pool. The ghoul then paralysed him and he sank beneath the waves (wearing plate mail armour). Another hit from Hairy and the Ghoul toppled into to lake too and disappeared. Starshell used mage hand to ti a rope round the rapidly disappearing Randolph but the mage hand too was dragged under.

As she clambered out of the water Starshell as once again attackd by the ghoul but a final well placd arrow ffrom Hairy and th creature as dead.

Alas the still paralyzd Randolph failed to surface and indeed drowned before he could escape his armour.

Moral of the story? Don’t go swimming (intentionlly or not) in plate mail armour!

Most amusing moment?
I decided to make a new character reference sheet to record info on the pcs. As each player arrived I asked them hps, AC, etc etc. When I asked background each gave me a rambling role-playing background (for once) rather than the background as per the rules- very amusing. I think we are turning into role-players!

Playtest thoughts?
Simple- tone down the thief- thieves should not outperform fighters on damage each round. The skill dice bonus dice mechanic is annoying too- go back to more traditional add your bonuss to th roll systems. Just because you have a cool new idea doesn’t mean to should be applied to everything across the board- less is often more in that regard.

Session 15: The haunted house

Session 15:

The characters:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 4 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric 4 (Dave)
Starshell aka “the Ice Queen”, elf wizard 4 (Dale)
Sir Randolph Witherspoon, human fighter 4 (Mike)

Returning after the Christmas holidays everyone was keen to continue the game. Alas only Nigel and Dave had updated their characters to the latest playtest but they got there eventually.

The ghostly manticore set Starshell/ the Ice Queen on fire and she ran round in circles screaming and asking the rather bemused party to put the fire out- not that they could see anything. Lord Falconspit refused to heal “imaginary” damage so Starshell cast an illusion of burns all over her body which the party failed to disbelieve. Lord F then cast a cure minor as “burns are only slight wounds”. This created much discussion and he came up with this gem of clerical healing:
• Sunburn: 1 hp (cure minor)
• Blood: cure light wounds
• Missing limbs: cure moderate (can’t cast any higher)

Seems to work and had the rest of us in stitches.

Back to the adventure:
Across the hall from here the imaginary firey attack took place as a monkey head on the wall with a rope hanging form its mouth- after much discussion of possible good and bad results Sir Randolph pulled it and an alarm sounded but nothing else. Crossing the hallway they descended down some stairs into the basement and here they were attacked by to swarms of plague-infested rats. Hairy managed to climb onto some shelves that promptly collapsed under his weight. Starshell froze a pack of rats ith a frozen ray and the other group was soon slain.

Carrying on past a few rooms they eventually came to a door with a strange snowflake sigil on it. Hairy managed to open the door and Lord Falsconspit stepped into a wizard’s laboratory and immediately touched some important looking books. Memories of the life of a wizard flooded his mind and he yelled “the children, the children” and rushed out of the room. The others chased him, grappled him and tied him up to prevent him doing anything silly. Eventually the madness left him and he snapped out of it so they untied him but as soon as they’ done so he bolted again, only to be quickly knocked off his feet by Sir Randolph. Starshell then tied him up again then cast a frozen ray on the door to ice it closed behind them- the party would now have to continue forward…

Continuing on the party discovered a mysterious staircase that had been uncovered in another room. As Sir Randolph entered the room a pack of ghouls emerged from the stairs and attacked him, raking him for some damage. The rest of the party could not see the ghoul attack but Starshell decided to join in and humour the fighter, bashing several ghouls with her staff- or saying she had done so. With the imaginary threat defeated the party prepared to go down the stairs…

DM Notes
I really like the way the hauntings are done in this adventure, makes for some great role-playing and focus on the individual characters as different hauntings only affect certain characters.
Some amazing role-playing and interactions between the guys tonight. This is the first time in years we’ve only had 4 regular players and it allows each player more of a chance to shine and get involved so I’m keen to keep to 4 rather than expand the group to a bigger size again. Less is definitely more when it comes to role-playing but can make for more dangerous encounters as the fighter goes down and they have little back up-5 is probably an ideal number in that regard but we may look at adding an NPC to add a bit more variety to the group.

Thoughts on the playtest
It played well, not too much combat so not sure how the martial dice will work out but I am concerned that the hp and damage inflation will be silly- I’d like to see it clocked way back but so far didn’t unbalance the game. So I am sceptical in that regard and don’t see it as likely to attract old school gamers if the damage potentials remain so high- all it will lead to his hp inflation.
Dale liked the new way of selecting wizard spells although I decided that int bonus should be added to the number of spells you can select from.

Week 14: TheEnd of the World?

The players:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 3 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric3 (Dave)
Starshell aka “the Ice Queen”, elf wizard 3 (Dale)
Lord Falconspit, human fighter 3 (Mike)

Having destroyed the ghouls at the sanatorium the party headed back to the barracks to deal with the other 3 corpses before they became ghouls.

After reporting to Captain Garvel they headed down to the basement and the morgue. Starshell (latest name for the Icequeen)stopped to free prisoner, but managed to manacle him to the door to his cell. Then she set his foot alight with a burning hands spell which also set the straw in his room on fire. She then closed the cell door leaving the prisoner to his fate. The others were busy trying to deal with the ghoul menace and avoid the noise and alarms coming from upstairs.

The corpses had not become ghouls so the party arranged to take them by wagon the the Church of Pelor for proper burial in consecrated ground (which would hopefully stop them becoming ghouls. Starshell was fascinated by the frost effect cast on the morgue and experimented with trying to “free the cold” but had little success. After this diversion the party was ready to transport the bodies to the morgue.

The head of the church was willing to do this but demanded a 50 gp per person burial fee which Sir Falconspit baulked at until his superior questioned whether or not the deceased were followers fo Pelor. Hairy stepped in at this point and paid the fee. Before the bodies were buried the party asked the priest to cast a speak with dead spell on one of the corpses which he did. In the following questions the party learned a little of the creature responsible and the name Foxglove Manor.

Some searching for rumours/info about the manor followed and the party learned a little of it. The next morning they prepared to head out to the manor, Starshell arriving with a litter and 4 litter bearers, whom turned out to be novices Tom, Dick, Harry and Bert. After several failed attempts to carry the litter she gave up and hired a rickshaw which the 4 hirelings pulled for her.

Arriving at the decrepit manor the party camped in a nearby ruin. Several of the party threatened to throw the four union card carrying hirelings off the nearest cliff as the NPCs became more annoying and more vocal in the failure to keep to their pay and work conditions- lack of morning tea and lunch break being their prime concern.

Eventually the adventure was out back on track and the party investigated the well in the ruin. Hairy was lowered down to a cave which stank of rotting meat and fled back up the rope as a huge bat flew out of the darkness.

The party then entered the old ruined manor and started to explore. Randolph heard sobbing noises upstairs that the party went ot investigate but could not locate. Heading down somes stairs, Falconspit thought he heard footsteps behind him but when he turned around there was nothing there.

Finally as they crossed the main hall for a second time a ghostly manticore emerged form out of a stuffed manticore and charged Starshell…

DM Notes
A rather random night where not a single dice was rolled in anger, at lest for combat. Some very funny moments of role-playing though such as the priest of Pelor questioning Falonspits commitment and motives as well as the litter bearers tipping their employer/ cargo onto the street and later demanding better work conditions.


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Week 13- Sawskin murders
The players:

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 3 (Nigel)
Lord Falconspit of Pelor, human cleric32 (Dave)
Miniguns the IceQueen, elf wizard 3 (Dale)

Only a small group this week which wasn’t an issue as we started to investigate the recent murders in Longspear. We managed to get through quite a bit of the initial investigation.

Spoilers for Piazo’s The Skinsaw Murders adventure ahead:

1. The party travelled to the nearby sawmill to search for clues. The Ice Queen managed to scare off the two city guard sentries who legged it back to town.

2. They examined the bodies and crime scene gathering a bit more evidence it as a scene o out of a horror movie and the crucified victim had a strange rune cared into his chest. There was also a strange smell of rotten flsh evident in the sawill.

3. The Icequeen found some footprints that left to the nearby Javen river and back to the back door of the sawmill. There was no sign of a boat or other transport near the shore of the river.

4. They decided to ask a nearby shack owner if he had heard anything. This involved Lord Falconspit threatening to burn down his house and then casting hold person on the local drunk, tying him up then questioning him!

5. They returned to ton too report to the Guard captain who informed him that they had to suspects in the cells, the co-owner of the sawmill and the father of the murdered girl

6. Investigations went somewhat interestingly. The co-owner Inor Thorn, claimed tat his partner (the deceased) was having an affaor ith the girl and that h was also skimming money from the accounts and was working with a well know family to burn down opposition but refused to say who the family in question was. Hairy checked this out later and could not get to the bottom of it but did learn that Ibor liked to gamble and owned some important people money.

7. They then spoke to the distraught father of the murdered girl, who had been locked up for his own good after threatening to kill Ibor. Hairy managed yo imply that his daughter as a hooker and the well known businessman took a swing at him and flattened the Halfling before he as restrained. The party beat a hasty retreat.

8. Returning to see Captain Gavel, he mentioned that three more victims were in the morgue and that they had been found later in the day at an abandoned farm outside town and that a fourth man as in the local Sanitarium for having attacked the guards. The three men were well known bandits and had a letter signed “his Lordship” on one body. The party searched the bodies but found not much else no strange rune, but claw marks were evident on the bodies.

9. The party went to an expensive hotel to investigate Ibor further, gaining entrance to his room. Lord Falconspit decided to investigate by smashing up the furniture in the room despite the protestations of the hotelier and eventually his hired help was forced to manhandle Falconspit and dump him on the street Meanwhile, Hairy pocketed 10pp of Ibor’s that he found.

10. Following this interrupting the party headed to the sanatorium and were met by the servant, who looked, and spoke, like Rriff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture show! He soon introduced to the Sanatorium who spoke with a thick German accent and looked, and acted, like Henrich Himmler! (DM note: This adventure is getting weirder by the second!).

11. The party spoke to the crazed man and Sir Falconspit could not discern what was wrong with him but the crazed man broke free of his straight jacket and attacked the IceQueen yelling that “He would never have her at his Misgivings” as he did so. The Icequeen went invisible but the crazed (and now undead) man still attacked her. But Hairy and Falconspit soon slew him/it and then struggled to locate the paralyzed and invisible IceQueen.

12. The corpse was that of a ghoul and the poor fool had been suffering from a condition called Ghoul Fever. Lord Falconspit decided that he had to go and report this the Church of Pelor but Hairy, using a bit more intelligence, decided that that should wait and that they’d better get back to the Guard Barracks ASAP as the three bodies in the morgue were likely to turn into Ghouls too!

DM Notes
An interesting investigative session with some outstanding role-playing. Lord Falconspit is starting to scare me for a supposedly good cleric of Pelor he has a religious zeal that the inquisition would be proud of. I really like the look and feel of this adventure and am looking forward to seeing how it plays out over the next few weeks.

Weeks 11 and 12

A couple of fun sessions in the past couple f weeks using the latest playtest package.

Adventure : Spellbook Masquerade (Dungeon #24?)
I adapted a solo adventure to one for the party. Basically the party got invited to a local ball and so the bulk of the night was based on meeting the local nobility and role-playing. Hairy however had to steal a spellbook from the house as well. Lord Falconspits and Randolph ended up becoming benefactors of the local orphanage.

Last Night:The Skinsaw Murders
For a change of pace I’ve been wanting to run the Skinsaw Murders (Piazo Pathfinder) as a change of pace. So arranged for the adventure to start with The Ice Queen playing a central role and had a couple of player handouts prepared with that in mind. However, Dale had managed to delete all the info on his phone so had lost his character what is wrong with pen and paper? So made up a new character- human fighter called Connor MacCloud. “Connor” being a member of the local city watch he got to become involved in the adventure at the behest of the local guard captain h had approached the party about a note fund on a mutilated body- of course this being a character of dale’s Connor is neither a fighter or male, but actually a fema izard pretending to be a male fighter! Why who knows but with Dale there an be hundreds of possible reasons. However being Connor MacCloud we insisted that Dale role –play Connor as having a French accent that was supposed to be Scottish- yes it made for a rather entertaining sessions. Especially as Dale kept forgetting “she” was a “he” when referring to him/herself.

Anyway the party eventually headed off to investigate the murders but on the way were ambushed by some local rogues and a battle erupted. The fight included:
· 3x 1st level veterans (fighters)
· 2x rogues
· 1x wererat
· 15x giant rats.
It made for a tough fight, especially as the fighter, lord Randolph, kept missing early on. However, Connor’s spells came in handy as did Hairy’s expertise dice- hairy scaled the walls to the roof, killed a thief sniper and then spent the rest of the battle providing supporting fire. Randolph was a bit dismayed that when he hit the wererat his non magical sword did no damage and so quickly change ot his magical mace.

Next week we will move onto the adventure proper.

Thoughts on the playtest materials.
Damage is much better balanced this time round.

I really like the expertise dice concept for both the thief and the fighter- makes for interesting choices in combat without the silly “I play X” card that our 4E games devolved into.

Monsters are a breeze to run, minimal stats required the the wererat was a simple conversion from 2E.

Somethings I could live without but the rules are not getting in the way of having fun and that’s the most important thing.

Weeks 9 & 10

Week 9
Not much accomplished really, we had has a break for 3 weeks or so, so it was a catch up session more than anything. Eventually we got back to the game and the party attacked the or lair again, taking out a few guards near the entrance.

Week 10
Last night we continued with the skirmish at the entrance to the orc lair before Hairy, Lord Falconspit and Sir Randolph fell back to their camp for reinforcements (i.e Dale and Matt were back). Heading back to the orc caves Hairy apotted orc archer on the hillside above the caves and the party started a firefight. Randolph tried to get their attention while advancing on the main lair. It took a few rounds but the orcs were eventually silenced. Now the party turned their attention to the caves themselves, clearing away into the lair, thanks to a grease spell from Matt’s elven wizard- alas he, and some of the others then fell prey to that very spell and it made getting into the lair harder but in the end the party fought their way past the greased area, just as two ogres charged and an orc shaman made an appearance…

The battle took quite a bit if of time but about a dozen orcs were slain. The grease spell halted their attempts to coordinate an attack- just when Randolph was badly wounded so will be interesting to see what happens in a couple of weeks when we rescue.

Playtest 2- main issues.
1. Mike (the fighter) felt that the human fighter’s damage was too low compared to the other pcs so decided to allow him to choose a favoured weapon as per elf and dwarf- but I still feel damage potentials are way out of whack.
2. “Monster” NPCs are always an important part of D&D an evil cleric or wizard leading a group of orcs but with the damage they can put out it is almost asking for a TPK. However, I introduced an orc shaman (cleric 3) to test things this week and he did okay without being to over the top an evil wizard on the other hand could take a bit of stopping. As the rules stand at present I a a bt reluctant to run too many NPCs against the party.
3. Hps are to low so we’ve introduced a 5hp kicker to boost it a bit.
4. Monster Hps are too low for the damage the party can do, as are the to hit numbers for monsters. It is not at all balanced.
5. Rogue sneak attack- +1d6 per 2 levels would be much better as they can dish out too much. Nigel is really enjoying the rogue and in his very capable hands he is coming up with lot of creative ways to get the drop on monsters- a nasty little Halfling he is and extremely dangerous!
6. Fighter superiority- Mike started using it this week and it made a big difference in a number of situations it was fun and made the fighter a bit more interesting.

Overall, I think the hps and damage are out of line at present, I’d be happy to bolt the backgrounds and specialties onto Castles and Crusades, it would make for a great combination!

Week 8

Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 2 (Nigel)
Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric 2 (Dave)
“Stacy", elf wizard 2 (Matt)

The smallest group we’ve had in quite a while tonight. Dale is moving house today and Mike has the flu so only four of us gathered. The new playtest for 5E was released this week so we were keen to try out the latest rules, which included new character generation rules. Overall I like what I see, my main reservations being character hit points vs the damage that first level spells can do (3d8 and 4d8!). To me it looks like they decided to wind back hps at the last minute and not also reduce damage of spells to reflect this- the damage of most spells seems way too high for vs level 1 and 2 characters. The players modified the characters to reflect the new rules and could make whatever changes they wanted, most stayed pretty similar though.

Our solutions are simple: We are going to bump up HD for thieves to D8 and wizards to D6.
We’ll see how that goes but another idea is to use con score + hit dice or simply a 10hp kicker (similar to what Hackmaster does). But e will see how things go over the next few weeks.

Anyway on with the adventure.

Three of the party decided to head out and search for the caves the dwarves had mentioned. The first day passed without event, but early on the second day they stumbled across a vine covered ancient ruin, which turned out to be an ancient crypt. As Hairy snuck up to investigate he as almost strangled by a vine but cut himself free and then dodged back to safety. Falconspit then used his searing light class ability to blast the plant, managing to almost kill Hairy and Stacey in the process. He redeemed himself by stabilising both before they died and also destroyed the plant so it wasn’t a total screw up.

After that they explored the ancient crypt, finding a tunnel leading down. A magically closed door thwarted them for some time but eventually after careful searching of the entire complex they found the secret passwords and managed to open to the door. Beyond was a magical garden with a fountain. Thre ater and fruit in the garden was magical and healed the good/neutral members of the arty, but harmed the evil Hairy.

DM Notes
Not a lot of combat (and the one fight they had was almost a TPK- but that’s what you get for having no fighter types) but lots of exploration and discussion of the new rules which Nigel and I both love. I really like the direction they are going so far, sure there are some issue with the playtest- XPs for monsters in this version, xp totals per level and hit points for instance, but as a fast, fun and easy to run game it is succeeding and allowing us to role play without the rules getting in the way. Some of the new concepts for backgrounds and specialties look really interesting and have lots of possibilities for making interesting and quirky characters without too much effort.

Week 7- Farewell to Stephen
Stephen has been a stalwart for the past four or five years, specialising in playing dwarves but alas changes in his job has meant he has work night shift from now on so Friday was his last session with the group.The group will not be the same without him but hopefuly we will see him now and then. Mike was not able to make it this week but everyone else showed up. Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 2 (Nigel) Urk, dwarf fighter 1 (Stephen) Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric 2 (Dave) “Stacy”, elf wizard 2 (Matt) “Mini” Guns Eclair, elf wizard 1 (Dale)

The party had cleared out the keep and so rested overnight. During the night Hairy found a “will” from the previous owner that named him as his heir and benefactor of his will- what an amazing coincidence.

The following day the party headed to Longspear. They had two encounters on the journey, first they met a dwarf sitting on a rock rubbing his feet- and so Urk was introduced to the party. A few hours later they encountered a band of dwarven warriors heading out into the hills to hunt orcs. These dwarves all spoke in thick Russian accents as the DM had decided all dwarves would from now on have Russian accents- beats the standard Scottish ones that seem currently in vogue. After a bit of a chat the party wished the dwarves well and continued to town.

The rest of the evening revollved orund training- the party all “went ding” but had to wait till they located some trainers before being able to advance in level. Other random, or not so random, events to occur during the evening.

1. Hairy and Stacey going to the town hall to claim Randolph’s keep. However, Hairy also found a document that proported to have been written by Randolph that the ownership of the keep was to be transferred to him. He used Stacey and Mini hanging round the counter looking provocative to try to day the clerk but he as not totaly convinced (but was rather embarassed) and so summoned his supervisor who looked over the document and then said it would need to be taken to the local temple to be verified (the document was signed Winterspawnrather than Witherspoon).

2. Hairy then handed in the will that gave him the tower, and this was accepted as genine but not until after Stacey had tried to undermine his little scheme (pointing out that both documents were written in the same hand) and this ed to some faast taking form Hairy, not to mention him dropping Stacey into troube and she was asked to show proof of ownership of the ring (later identified as a ring of wizardry) but she was unable to remove it from her finger.

3. Hairy made contact with the local thieves guild and became a member. He also managed to get the thieves to steal the document he had forged and replace it with another!

4. The various party members went to locate trainers but realised most of them did not have enough money to pay for training. At this point they were reminded that the whole reason they went to Longspear was to buy a cart so that they could transport the arms and equipment from the hobgoblins in Witherspoon Keep to town so it could be sold. They duly did so, taking week to return to town and then sold the items for a tidy profit (380gp)

5. Mini sold the wand of paralysation to a local wizard for 5000gp which she used to pay for training. The others were somewhat surprised by this but the deal had already been done (DM Note: don’t cry to me if you guys needed that at some point or moan you don’t have enough magic items).

6. Randolph got the deed of title to his keep.

7. Hairy got the deed of title to the tower, and a bill for 2000gp for land taxes non payments. He then sold the tower for 12000gp (about half of its worth) and cleared his debts and bought some new magical (+1) thieves tools.

8. Ulk got into a bar room brawl which drew the others in. Mini caused confusion by charming two of the thugs and forcing them to hep Ulk. The party did pretty well, until Stacey cast a burning hands spell casuign a fire- she them teleported back to the tower (special ability of the ring of wizardry) and the party fled the tavern. Mini was most surprised when her two charmed suitors came back for the night that had been promised and she to fled into the night.

9.The next day the party left town heading back to Witherspoon keep, encountering the surviving dwarves they’d met on the road two weekes earlier. There were now only three of them, the others having been killed by orcs. The dwarves agreed to accompany the party to the keep and become hirelings- on the way the dwarves started trying to convinced the party to declare the keep as a part of the United Shorties Socialist Republic (USSR) and that they should help them to overthrow the status quo and create a utopian (dwarven) workers paradise. The dwarves apparently referred to themselves as Comrades Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and wanted to paint the keep red. The party meanwhile are preparing to go orc hunting in the very near future.

DM Notes
A totally random night really. Party members double crossing each other- Hairy has been trying for three weeks to get ownership of Randolph’s keep but his plans did not run that smoothly. I had planned to get the party try to buy the tower, but they had other plans. no chance of a railroad with these guys, its a bit like trying to herd cats keeping them on any sort of track.


Week 6
The game continued, Dale couldn’t make it but everyone else could (eventually). When we last left the adventurers they had taken refuge from a storm in an abandoned brick house, under which they found a tunnel leading to a wizard’s tower, some miles from the house. Here they killed a demonic ape. Hairy NoNuts, halfling thief 1 (Nigel) Midget the dwarf: dwarf cleric 1 (Stephen) Lord Falcon Spit of Pelor, human cleric1 (Dave) “Stacy”, elf wizard 1(Matt) Randolph Witherspoon XVII- human fighter 1 (Mike)

Searching the library where the ape had appeared they found many tomes of wizardly subjects and a magical candelabra whose command words where Phuk OFF. This item intrigued the wizard, Stacey, who immediately claimed it. A letter written from the previous owner of the tower to his children was also discovered.

Having searched the room they headed up to the next level and again detected a magical trap on the door, some sort of glyph. The arty tried its best to avoid this but eventually Hairy accidently triggered it and a demonic gargoyle like creature which they killed after a brief battle. This was due in no small measure to Matt using a Ray of frost to immobilise the creature making it much easier for the party to deal with. Again the room was searched, this time a magical fireplace as the centrepiece of the room, and again the stairs led to another trapped door.

The party prepared for battle and triggered the trap on the door. This time some sort out outer planar creature was summoned- a large froglike, spell casting slaad. This battle was much tougher, the slaad used telekinesis to annoy the party but its hold person ability did not work quite the way it (or should I say I) was expecting as HP now has a save per round . Once again Stacey used ray of frost to cut down on the monsters ability to move about but even so it as a close run battle. Alas, Midget the dwarf, managed to get himself cut to pieces by the salad and was slain but the rest of the party survive the epic fight intact.

The top level of the tower had a roof made of magically reinforced glass and gave spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The highlight of the treasure found was a magical ring that Stacey found and claimed. It was a ring of wizardry which also allowed the wearer to teleport back to the tower, although it also has a less wholesome side effect, which will be revealed later.

DM Notes:
The monsters have been simply uplifted and adapted from the existing (3E) adventure and converting them has been a breeze. Another good night, the battles were pretty close and the use of ray of frost critical- I’m actually not a fan of it as 0 level spell and think it should have some sort of size restriction, Using a 0 level spell to halt a dragon in its tracks (for example) seems a little silly. Matt is starting to see the possibilities of how to use it to good effect in encounters vs single monsters so I’m keen to see what else he comes up with.


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